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There are times when you can wait for a convenient appointment to have the locksmith visit your home and take care of the locks. Other times, however, you need fast service you can trust. As a commercial locksmith, we know how important it is to quickly re-key locks when tenants move out or key-carrying employees leave the company. We understand that you cannot wait weeks to have the services handled. That’s why we offer fast response times to all your emergency needs.

If you’re locked out of the car, then you definitely don’t want to wait for service. A trusted auto locksmith in Clayton, we will respond quickly when you need assistance with the locks on your car.

When you want a residential locksmith, trust us to provide you with fast quality service. Re-key the locks on your new home, have the locks replaced in your antique desk or bar and trust us to install high quality security locks when you want an added layer of safety.