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Services Overview

Our Services - Services Overview | Lockbusters, LLC Rabun Gap, GA

Locked Out

There is nothing more frustrating than realizing your keys are in the house and you are locked outside. Whether you have locked yourself out of your car, business or home, you can call on us for assistance. A highly skilled and trained locksmith, we can help you get back inside without destroying your existing lock.

Security for Business

You want the best locks possible on your business. A commercial locksmith, we are happy to help you with all of your lock and key needs at the office. We can re-key locks after a key carrying employee leaves the company, and we can help you by installing high security locks.

Auto Locksmith

Between 50,000 and 60,000 tourists visit our fair city every year, and someone always gets locked out of their car. Locals manage to do this also, and we are more than happy to come get you back into your car without damaging your locking mechanisms. We can also assist you if your ignition lock is damaged, so you should call us when need new locks on the car.

Residential Locksmith

If you have just moved in and want the locks changed, you can call us to have them all re-keyed. We will assist if you are locked out. Locks that are not properly installed are not secure, but we can correct the installation and provide you with the right level of protection. From installing new locks to repairing old ones, you can trust us to keep your home safe and secure.